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At Dental Implants & Aesthetics Gold Coast, We offer the most complete range of Implant and Cosmetic Dental Procedures you will find anywhere in Australia.


The preservation of your natural dentition is our highest priority: prevention of dental diseases, and interventions with expert practices and advice from our award winning team of practitioners.

DIA was opened in 2011 on the Gold Coast in Southport Queensland on the Gold Coast.

Dr Franck Page's

Dental Implant Case by Dr Franck Page Dental Implant Case by Dr Franck Page

Dental Implant & Bone Grafting

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Before Full Mouth Rehabilitation by Dr Franck Page Maria's Full Mouth Rehabilitation Results by Dr Franck Page

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Full Mouth Reh_Dr Franck Full Mouth Reh_Dr Franck

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation Case08_FMH_After_Dr Franck

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Correction

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation Restoration

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Dr Franck Page

Dentist - Special Interest: Implant Dentistry & Aesthetics

BDSc (Hons), Mclin Dent (Implants)

Dr Franck Page

Dr Franck Page graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Honours at the University of Queensland in 1993. He has a special interest in dental implant treatments and strives to achieve aesthetic results for his patients. Franck is also the CEO and clinical mentor of 15 dental practices across Northern New South Wales, the Gold Coast and south of Brisbane. He describes his work with Coastal Dental Care as a mutually beneficial experience and helps to keep his zest for dentistry.

Dr Page has completed Surgical Implant Training with Professor Patrick Henry at the Branemark Centre in Perth. Prof Henry has over 20 years’ experience in implant prosthodontics and surgery. Franck enjoys travelling the world learning from a multitude of clinicians. Every year, he visits both the US and Europe for hands-on courses with the world’s premier dental practitioners.

Dr Franck Page is also a trainer in the Nobel Biocare Implant system. He regularly lectures around Australia on the subject and is one of the first dentists who graduated with their Masters in Clinical Dental Implants in 2012.

Franck loves dentistry because it combines both science and art. He enjoys the social aspect of dentistry as well, in terms of meeting new people and being able to make a genuine difference in their life.

Dr Franck Page & Dentistry

After both of Dr Franck Page’s older siblings followed a medical career, he decided to do something different… and became a dentist. He realised early on he had a great aptitude for the work and quickly built his own practice.

Dentistry is practiced all around the world and often relies on the clinician “tinkering” with a problem they are faced with. No teeth are alike, and no smile is the same. This means every patient is unique. For this reason, Dr Page believes dentistry creates exciting challenges and rewarding moments of success.

The outcome Franck hopes to achieve with his patients varies. It can be as simple as a thank you in form of “Vinaka Dr Franck” from his Fijian patients to tears of joy from someone who hasn’t been able to smile for years. He looks forward to going to work on Mondays and loves sharing these experiences with his wonderful staff members.


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