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DIA was opened in 2011 on the Gold Coast in Southport Queensland on the Gold Coast.

Dr Mateus De Mello

Dentist - Special Interest: Microscopic Dentistry & Root Canal Treatment


Dr Mateus De Mello

Dr Mateus De Mello is a general dentist with special interest in root canal therapy (Endodontics). He also endeavours to use his skill set in Microscopic Dentistry. Mateus was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and graduated in dentistry from the Estácio De Sá University (UNESA) in 2004.

Dr De Mello’s passion for dentistry goes back to when he was only 10 years of age. He remembers watching his uncle who was a dentist working on patients. Since then, Mateus knew dentistry was his destiny as well.


At university, Mateus enjoyed all fields of dentistry from cosmetic work to surgical procedures. Half way through his degree, however, he came across root canal therapy which changed his course. Dr De Mello was invited to work in a University project called “Trauma Project”. The project looked after patients with traumatised teeth from falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and other accidents. Most of the patients referred to the project required root canal therapy as their pulp tissues (nerves) had died off.

Subsequently, Dr Mateus spent a lot of time undertaking root canal procedures. He noticed how much these procedures contributed towards a positive change for his patients. This made Mateus become even more passionate about the procedure and he decided to pursue a post-graduation degree in Endodontics.

Dr Mateus De Mello became a Specialist in Endodontics (UNESA) in Brazil in 2006 after operating under a microscope for several hours. Dr De Mello worked in private practices for about 14 months before moving to the Gold Coast in Australia.

Mateus worked as a tutor for Operative Dentistry at Griffith University whilst he was studying to certify his general dentist degree. He successfully obtained his registration in Australia through the Australian Dental Council (ADC) exams in 2013.

Since, he has been delivering great work under an operating microscope. Mateus is also a member of the Australian Society of Endodontology (QLD) and of the International Association of Dental Traumatology.

In his spare time, Mateus enjoys surfing at the beautiful points on the Gold Coast and skateboarding.

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