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Dental Implants & Aesthetics, Gold Coast Implant Clinic

The practice was opened in 2011 on the Gold Coast in Southport Queensland on the Gold Coast. There are currently 4 treatment rooms with a planned 3 extra to be installed within the next few months. There is 1 restorative room, a microscopic dentistry room, an oral hygiene room and 1 dedicated surgical room. We offer a whole range of implant treatments from single tooth restorations to full mouth rehabilitation, crowns veneers and temporomandibular joint disease treatment. Its why we currently have 12 staff to meet your unique needs!

The practice attends between 30-50 patients a day depending on length of procedures. We are usually able to accommodate emergency patients on the day and surgery will usually be performed within 2 weeks of your consult appointment. We are unique in that our practice is made up of a team of practitioners who work in unison to achieve the optimal result for the patient.

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