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Fiji Dental Trip

At least twice yearly for the past 4 years Dental Implants and Aesthetics has run clinics in disadvantaged areas of Fiji. The clinics are usually conducted in the first aid room of the various community centres of Nambila or Mome. On average we are able to see about 70 patients a day. Due to the clinical limitations on site there, unfortunately our services are almost exclusively restricted to extractions – these can number up to 180 in a day! In order to redress this, we have started a programme of preventative dental care targeting schools surrounding the local villages we visit.

On our last visit the practice donated 500 toothbrushes and around 20 kilos of toothpaste to the people we treated. Through education and engagement with the Fijian communities we are starting to see a reduction in the epidemic numbers of teeth needing treatment. In addition to this, through help from patients of the practice as well as family and friends, we provide sporting equipment, clothes, school books, pencils and pens as well as educational equipment to the villages.

Local Community support

Dental Implants and Aesthetics is also proud to sponsor a local soccer club – Magic United Football club at Emerald Lakes is an up and coming phenomenon on the Gold Coast. Their teams last year won the Veto1 senior division, reserve grade, Under 18, Under 15, with many of their junior teams being undefeated all season. For more information about this exciting club, please feel free to go to their website: