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Implant Overdentures

Looking for the safe and reliable Implant Overdentures?

Say hello to the Gold Coast Dental Implants & Aesthetics team, because thankfully the days of missing teeth and dentures can now be considered a thing of the past. Our professional dental team are ready to assist and help you with a free consultation to discuss your needs. We provide helpful and reliable information and have seen thousands of unique cases and would welcome a consultation with you any time.

Many dental treatments offered:
  • Implant Dentures
  • Implant Partial Denture
  • Bone Augmentation Dentures
  • Prosthesis Dentures
  • Sinus Lift Dentures
  • Implant False Teeth
  • Implant Bridge
  • Implant Crowns
Let our caring and considerate staff invite you into a world without dentures, support is only a phone call away. We use only the latest and most modern dentures treatments which includes Nobel Biocare implants, the leading manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, backed by a 10 year guarantee.
Options with Dentures Procedures

There are a few different options when making decisions on Dentures and Dental Implants can be used to support existing dentures, so how do Implant Dentures work?

The Dental Implants Overdentures procedure

  • Usually performed as 2 implants are placed and allowed to “osseo-integrate” for 3 months.
  • Ball attachments are then placed on the implants (as shown in the diagram).
  • Concurrently special housing attachments are placed in the denture to allow the denture to be connected to the Implants.
  • ‘Ball attachments’ or ‘locators’enable stabilisation of a Denture.
  • The Denture can still be removed as needed for cleaning and maintenance with ease.
Types of Dentures Attachments – “Ball” and “Locator”

There are many examples of Denture Implants with “locator attachments” performed by our dental team. Please contact us for a one on one consultation and access to our full portfolio happy patients and case studies.

Overdentures Implants

An overdenture is a modified or specifically designed denture that fits over a bar attached to implants.

  • An overdenture arrangement allows for greater stability and retention than with locators or ball attachments.
  • An overdenture Implant is suitable for patients with almost total loss of their bony ridges and it is most commonly used when there is severe bone and ridge loss.
  • It allows us to rebuild your ridge and thus bring back fullness to the lips and cheek in conjunction with a removable prosthesis.
The Overdentures Treatment Process

In short the bar is screwed into the implants and thus fixed. The denture however is removablewhich enables easy cleaning of the denture and bar.

  • Theoverdentures dental implant procedure only involves the placement of between 3 to 4 Implants.
  • A metal bar is fabricated with specially designed locator attachments.
  • The metal bar is then secured to the Implants using small screws and an overdenture has internal components that attach to the locators.
  • Although the bar is fixed the overdenture can be removed for cleaning.

Contact us for examples of  “overdentures” performed by the Dental Implants and Aesthetics team.

More About the Procedure

The cost of two implants with an over denture is approximately $6500.00. Have you been advised to see a dentist regarding your Denture replacement? We can conduct or review your X-Rays and advise whether bone grafts are necessary for your new denture. This procedure can take up to nine months and during this time you could use your old denture. We think it’s important that you know our technicians and staff’s aim is to leave you feeling comfortable and relaxed at all times. The end result being a Denture that fits so firmly, it feels like your own teeth, giving you confidence and a new smile.

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