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Tooth Implants Cost

Information on Dental Loans & Tooth Implant Cost in Australia?

In Australia patients researching dental costs online  can often come up feeling empty handed or in extreme cases misled by the prices of dental services. Prices for Dental Implants can vary based on the location of the dental implant clinic. They can also vary based on the reputation and experience of the dental implant dentist involved in your procedure. Here, we will try to answer many common questions about Australian dental implant treatment costs as so many people ask “I want to fix my smile, so how much do teeth implants cost?”

Average Dental Implant costs in Australia

The average cost of dental implants, which includes the placement of a dental fixture (implant) is around$2000 – *This is for the surgical treatment only. Following a healing period, usually 3-6 months, an abutment and a crown is placed and attached to the fixture. This process, which involves several visits, will usually cost around$3000. This brings the avg. total cost per tooth to around $5000-5500.

Dental Implant prices will vary according to the need for bone grafting and provisionalisation (this should be very clearly explained in your consultation with your dentist).

Implant prices in Australia
  • Dental implant costs in Australia range from $4500 – $7500 per tooth implant
  • Instances where extreme tooth/gum loss have occurred on a larger scale, implant fees in Australia can be higher for replacement of multiple teeth.
  • Cost can vary depending on where you live, for example the cost of dental implant Melbourne or Sydney Australia could be significantly higher than that of a Gold Coast, Queensland implant procedure (See below…)
  • Healthcare companies offer help with plans of dental loansfor up to $25,000+ (More info below).
Cost of implants with Dental Implants & Aesthetics on the Gold Coast:
  • Placement of implant fixture: $2000
  • Restoration (crown or post/crown) on top:  $3000
  • Total = $5000 for your new tooth
“Same Day” Front Tooth Implant Cost:
  • The same day front tooth implant procedure requires an additional interim restoration, which is charged separately.
  • See below “Rule of Thumb” info for more details

Dr Page’s back/front teeth implants procedure is usually done in 2-3 stages which allows the gum to heal properly around the tooth. Dr Page is sometimes able to perform a back/front tooth implant to finish on the day of treatment.

Do I need one implant per missing tooth?

As a rule of thumb, (1) implant can restore 1-2 teeth and (2) implants may restore up to 4 missing teeth. Likewise for example, (4) implants can be connected to restore your whole arch (12 teeth).

“Cheap” Dental Implants

Do you know the true cost of cheap dental implants? There has been an explosion in the number of dental implant companies that have come onto the market however, these are not available worldwide like the ones from a reputable implant dentist will be. Not all dental implant companies base their implants on scientific evidence and research – what are you really putting in your mouth? A company such as Nobel Biocare is a world leader in innovative restorative and esthetic dental solutions. Cheaper implant systems have become readily available, but your tooth implant is a long term treatment option (as in 30 years+), and unfortunately with age, we tend to invariably lose more teeth. This means that often, existing implants need to be joined to more recently placed ones to formulate a new prosthesis. Accidents or wear and tear are a fact of life. It is not uncommon that “spare parts” are required. As with all new technologies, new attachments, screws and drivers are required- these need to be compatible with previously placed implants…

Why so many patients are choosing tooth implants with us…

Say Dr Franck Page of Dental Implants & Aesthetics –  Our treatments use only the finest Nobel Biocare Implants –  this is a company that has been around for over 40 years and are proven, guaranteed dental care at its finest. Nobel Biocare has its association with Professor Branemark – the original developer of dental implants (dating back to 1965). He is known as the father of modern dental implantology, to this day a Branemark Dental Implant is available. We are pleased to offer ever patient a 10 year guarantee on our dental implant treatments. Nobel Biocare is a global organisation and offer simply the most reliable dental implants on the market. Being the first dental implant company to ever exist, the system is recognised and taught internationally… This means no matter where you live, you’ll be able to find a Nobel Biocare implant…. If you change state or country your implants are safe and compatible with with any future upgrades or help you need. It’s simply the most reliable dental implant on the market… Guaranteed.

Understanding Your Dental Loans

Are you an Australian or Gold Coast resident who is worried about the cost of your dental implants? We can Facilitate payment through Mediplan or Latitude Financial Services. Mediplan is one of Australia’s Leading Healthcare finance companies and they provide flexible repayment plans for any type of Dental Implant procedure, including Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics cost ranging from $1,000 up to $25,000+. If you have health cover you can also use Mediplan to pay for any GAP, Co Payment or other out of pocket expenses left by your health insurance.

How do I make repayments on a dental loan?

Questions about your dental loan? Repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit your budget. You can even vary your repayments along the way to suit changes in your financial situation. The entire process is confidential and in most cases applications are processed thesame day and once approved the funds is available immediately.

Are my dental implants covered by my health fund?

If you have major dental cover, you will be covered for Dental Implant treatment. Maximum annual excess amounts do apply and one needs to check these before proceeding. As Implant treatment usually requires a healing period of 3-6 months, treatment can be carried out over 2 calendar years – that is, an Implant is placed late in one year and restored early in the next. This usually doubles the amount of Health Fund rebate ($2000+).

Can I get help paying for my dental implants?

Dental Implants & Aesthetics now offers zippay (treatments below $1,000) and zipmoney (treatments above $1,000) payment plans so that you can get the dental treatment you need without worrying about paying everything upfront. Find out more about payment plans on our website.

Learn more about ZipMoney Health HERE

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