Meet Denise

Denise came to our clinic wanting to improve the overall aesthetics of her smile. When we saw Denise for her initial consultation, she lacked confidence, had multiple teeth that were missing, and the teeth were quite discoloured and misaligned.

Denise was adamant from the beginning, that she did not want to proceed with treatment for dental implants, so a carefully thought-out treatment plan was developed and tailored to her preference.

Step One

Denise wall B1

It was recommended that a course of Invisalign would be beneficial to re-align the teeth into a more functional position.

We initiated treatment for orthodontic aligners, a course of Invisalign ‘lite’, which was completed over 4 months to re-align the teeth and create more ‘space’  across the smile to accommodate for porcelain bridgework.

Step Two

denise wal B2

After the completion of the Invisalign treatment, we moved on to the ‘mock-up’ phase.

Our lab technicians crafted a series of temporary crowns and bridges to ensure that the design of the teeth and the overall aesthetics of the smile were aligned with our expectations. This phase is crucial as it helps us plan for the final restorations.

Step Three


All ceramic bridgework was the final restoration for Denise.  Three separate bridges were fabricated for this case for optimal function and aesthetics.


All ceramic work was fabricated by dental designers/ceramists, Josef from ‘The Lab’.

'Changing people’s smiles can truly have a ripple affect into their lives'
- Dr Franck Page

Treatments Involved