Meet Maria

Maria came to Dental Implants & Aesthetics seeking help for her dental concerns, which were affecting her confidence and quality of life. After a thorough consultation and examination, a treatment plan was devised to address her failing upper and lower teeth.

The team created a digital workflow to plan and execute the surgery under general anesthesia, and Maria received immediate prostheses the day after. With the expert care and attention to detail provided by the team, Maria was able to achieve newfound confidence in her smile.

Step One

Initial consultation

During Maria’s initial consultation, our team discovered that the appearance of her teeth was having a significant impact on her public image. Determined to help, we performed scans and gathered records to carefully devise a tailored treatment plan for Maria.

Step Two


Maria underwent a comprehensive dental procedure to replace her failing upper and lower teeth with implant-retained bridges. To address the severity of her dental issue, her surgery was carefully planned and executed under general anesthesia.

Step Three


Maria’s dental team implemented a seamless digital workflow for her procedure, leading to a successful outcome. She received immediate prostheses the day after surgery, restoring her smile and confidence.

“I'm smiling again and I'm just happy again!”