Meet Montana

Montana’s journey to restoring her smile began at the age of 11.

After losing her front tooth in a motor vehicle accident, the initial restoration she received was less than ideal.

With age, Montana’s smile was something that she became increasingly
self-conscious about, and was determined to find a solution.

Step One

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Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, Montana’s dental team assessed her unique situation and evaluated the options available to her. Her bone scans showed a challenging bony profile, and traditional bone grafting methods couldn’t guarantee the placement of an implant.

Step Two

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Montana’s treatment plan included soft tissue manipulation and a new porcelain bridge. The old bridge was removed, and a temporary bridge was fabricated in the same appointment. Records were taken, and a prototype bridge was created using digital technology. A soft tissue manipulation procedure was performed to help improve the appearance of her gums.

Step Three

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Final Bridge

After a 6 week healing period, a final bridge was made and fitted, giving Montana the beautiful, healthy smile she deserved. With determination and innovative dental technology, Montana’s smile was fully restored, and she can now flash a confident grin with pride.

“Amazing results, thanks very much Franck!”

Treatments Involved