Meet Susanna

Susana was dissatisfied with her smile and felt self-conscious about the gaps on both sides, the overall shade, and the crookedness of her upper anterior teeth. She was also concerned about her uneven smile line. Although she had no functional or oral health issues, Susana knew that improving her smile would boost her confidence and enhance her quality of life. 

Our personalised care and expertise enabled us to transform Susana’s smile into one that she is now proud to show off. This was achieved through an aesthetic oral rehabilitation treatment, which was tailored to her specific needs and desires.

Step One


Initial consultation

This included a complete examination that consisted of pre-operative teeth measurements, x-rays, clinical videos, photographic documentation, and digital impressions. Dr Miralles also used AI-powered software to provide a chair-side and real-time 2D smile simulation to the patient using natural teeth digital templates over the patient’s facial photo.

Step Two


3D Analysis & Mockup Design

Dr. Miralles performed a 3D wax-up design to close gaps, improve tooth proportions, broaden Susana’s smile, and even-up her smile line. A virtual gingivoplasty was performed, and the buccal corridor was broadened. A hand-made mockup was placed onto Susana’s teeth to test drive the new 3D design before inserting the permanent porcelain restorations.

Step Three


Clinical Procedure

The diagnostic wax-up was used to guide a gingivoplasty on the upper left central incisor. Ten upper anterior teeth were prepped, and digital impressions were taken. Hand-made temporary veneers were inserted, followed by recovery and a reassessment of the gums and veneers. Final porcelain veneers were layered and cemented, and a follow-up appointment was booked a week after to assess the final outcome.

Treatments Involved

Smile Makeover


This patient came to us seeking a smile makeover, and wanted to achieve the "perfect smile".


We performed a smile simulation and facially-driven 3D design to create a plan for the patient's smile makeover. To achieve their desired results, we also performed gingivectomy treatment (gum re-contouring), and placed 10 minimally invasive porcelain veneers.


Dr Sergi Miralles