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Implant Bridge

What is an implant bridge?

An implant bridge is a dental prosthesis that is permanently fixed on implants. It is a treatment option for patients who have lost more than two teeth or if there is no posterior tooth remaining for the construction of a conventional dental bridge. Moreover, the implant bridge is a long-lasting and attractive alternative to a removable partial denture (plate).

It matches the surrounding teeth and provides the patient with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing result. The patient can eat, talk, and chew as they did with their natural teeth.




During your first appointment, our team will take a series of intra-oral and extra-oral images, x-rays and an OPG. This will allow us to assess your case in detail. Your dentist will also talk to you about the treatment stages, the process, and answer any questions you may have.




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Implant Bridge Treatment Process

In the first treatment step, your dentist will place two or more dental implants where your natural teeth are missing, and, if necessary, bone grafts. After a healing period, the dentist will place the implant bridge on top.

The implant-supported restoration consists of two parts: the abutments and the bridge.

Your dentist will place the abutments on top of the implants and secure them with a screw. Implant abutments are either metallic (made of titanium or other biocompatible alloys) or ceramic. Furthermore, our practice uses custom abutment designs to keep the shape and contour of the gingival tissue (gums) especially in the anterior aesthetic zone.

In the last step, your dentist will cement or screw the implant-supported bridge on top of the abutments.

Types of Implant Bridges

The two most common types of implant bridges are similar to the types of a conventional dental bridge: metal-ceramic or all-ceramic.



This edentulous patient came to us because she was unhappy with the appearance of her smile.


Dr Franck Page placed the dental implants and Prof Vasilios Chronopoulos restored her smile with implant-supported bridges in both arches.

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