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Implant Crowns

What is an implant crown?

An implant-supported crown looks similar to a regular dental crown, but it is supported by an implant instead of by a natural tooth. An implant crown is the most conservative way to restore a single missing tooth. The aim of the crown is to match the surrounding teeth and give the patient a fully functional tooth.





During your first consultation, we will analyse your situation and take 3D OPG images of your teeth. This will help us to advise if an implant crown may be a solution for you. We will also talk to you about the different types of crowns, helping you understand the benefits of each.



Medium range dental treatments

Implant Crown Treatment Process

An implant will be placed where the natural tooth is missing. Once the implant is fully integrated, your dentist will place the implant-supported restoration (crown) on top.

The implant-supported restoration consists of two parts: the abutment and the crown. Your dentist will place the abutment on top of the implant and secure it with a screw.

Implant abutments consist of metallic (made of titanium or other biocompatible alloys) or ceramic material. Moreover, custom abutment designs help to secure the shape and contour of the gums, especially in the anterior aesthetic zone.

After fixing the abutment, your dentist will then cement or screw the implant supported crown on the abutment.

Types of Implant Crowns

As with dental crowns, implant supported crown can consist entirely out of porcelain (all-ceramic crowns) or out of a combination of metal and porcelain (metal-ceramic crowns).

Finally, the type and shape of the abutment and the crown is critical in achieving longevity along with aesthetic and functional success.



This patient came to see us with a front tooth that was broken at the gum line.


The broken tooth was extracted and replaced with an implant. Dr Franck Page performed additional bone grafting to maintain the soft tissue aesthetics and Prof Chronopoulos restored the tooth with an implant crown on the same day.

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