Implant supported dentures also known as implant-supported overdentures are complete or partial dentures which are attached through dental implants. This treatment requires only a small number of dental implants to secure the denture to the jaw.

Dentures that are secured by dental implants provide a more reliable and comfortable solution when compared to other removable alternatives. Implant supported dentures, although removable, are fixed in place through the use of attachments. These attachments allow the denture to easily snap onto the implants.

Patients may find implant supported dentures help to improve their ability to eat and talk. Once normal function of a patient’s mouth has returned, it can greatly improve self-confidence.

How much does an implant supported denture cost?

The cost of implant supported dentures varies from patient to patient. Factors such as bone density, the number of dental implants required, and type of denture all influence the cost of treatment.

In general, you can expect an implant supported denture to cost anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000.

How long do implant supported dentures last?

The implant component of the supported denture can last indefinitely if there are no complications and it is looked after properly. This means, brushing twice daily for at least 2 minutes, flossing daily or as recommended and attending 6-monthly check-ups.

The denture component of the restoration will wear as your natural teeth would. This means, the denture will need to be repaired if it is worn-down, chipped or broken. The locators and gold abutments will need to be changed as they wear over time.

To keep your treatment warranty, attend yearly treatment check-ups and avoid smoking during the healing process.

Treatment Process

To begin, a consultation is necessary to identify whether dental implants are a viable solution for your case. It involves discussing your situation and taking several intra- and extra-oral images of your mouth. In some cases, bone grafting is required to build-up the bone tissue before an implant can be placed.

Next, is the surgical component where the implants will be placed into the gum tissue and jawbone. Treatment can either be conducted under local or general anaesthetic. The time treatment takes will depend on the number of implants to be placed, bone grafting and the complexity of the case. For a single dental implant, you can expect the procedure to last between 45 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes.

After 10 days of healing, you will return to our practice for a review appointment. This allows us to see how your dental implants are healing. At this stage, the dentist may place an abutment into the dental implant.

For the next 3 to 6 months your implants will be left to heal and fuse with your jawbone. Once the healing process has completed, your dentist will take impressions. These impressions will then be sent to our laboratory, where your new denture will be built.

Once the denture is completed, your dentist will place it on top of your implants to complete the restoration.

Types of Implant Supported Dentures

Partial Overdenture: Are suitable for patients who have healthy teeth remaining that do not require extraction. The surrounding teeth and/or dental implants are used to stabilise the overdenture.

Full Overdenture: A suitable solution for patients who have no teeth on a single arch. To secure the overdenture in place, 4 to 6 implants are inserted into a single arch.

Implant Supported Dentures at Dental Implants & Aesthetics

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