ModJaw 4D Dentistry

ModJaw 4D Dentistry

ModJaw 4D Dentistry

March 12, 2021


ModJaw 4D Dentistry is the latest in digital dental technology. ModJaw’s scanning system allows the exact movements of your jaw to be digitised, recorded, and viewed in real-time. At Dental Implants & Aesthetics, Southport location, we are pleased to have installed Australia’s very first ‘Modjaw 4D Dentistry’ digital scanning system! We currently use it for all full mouth rehabilitation cases, and smile makeover treatments conducted by Dr Dinos Kountouras.


How does ModJaw work?

ModJaw technology allows all facial information and jaw movements to be optically scanned and studied digitally. This is achieved through a very sophisticated optical camera and built-in sensors that record the real movements of your jaw. The sensors are placed in certain locations around your face and also emit no radiation.

It enables you to view your jaw movements on a computer screen next to you. This helps to promote a discussion between you and your dentist while you perform functional movements such as:

  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • Grinding

Using this 4D technology means that your treatment outcomes will be more predictable, and the restorations will be tailored to best suit your mouth’s physiological environment.

If you can see a visual representation of your jaw movements, you may be able to understand best how these movements may affect your daily activities and oral health habits. Furthermore, any issues that may be causing you pain and discomfort or contributing to tooth wear, can be identified and addressed.


What is a full mouth rehabilitation?

A full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment that is required when a large number of teeth are:

  • Severely worn
  • Damaged
  • Missing due to dental decay
  • Missing due to gum disease or after many years of wear and tear from grinding or clenching of the teeth

Full-mouth rehabilitation aims to protect and restore the health and physiologic function of your teeth. At the same time, it can simultaneously improve your smile’s overall appearance. When addressing any functional or cosmetic concerns regarding your smile, ModJaw 4D Dentistry technology would be of paramount value to you.


What are the benefits of ModJaw 4D technology with full-mouth rehabilitation?

ModJaw 4D technology is revolutionising how we conduct full-mouth rehabilitation treatment in Australia. Thanks to this technology, we can use your jaw’s natural and real-time functional movements to design your custom dental restorations. This way, we can pre-visualise and pre-evaluate the actual functional behaviours and patterns. Furthermore, we can also identify any negative patterns or forces that the restorations will be exposed to inside the mouth.

Dr Dinos Kountouras explains. “One of the biggest challenges in full mouth rehabilitation, in my opinion, is to identify, restore and maintain long term a healthy maxilla / mandible occlusal relationship. Modjaw 4D helps to get it right.”


Our restorations are optimally custom-designed and manufactured and will predictably fit the patient’s dynamic oral environment. Furthermore, the need for an intraoral adjustment is minimised, and the functional and aesthetic demands of the case have been addressed before we insert them into the patient’s mouth.


At Gold Coast Dental Implants & Aesthetics, Southport location, Dr Dinos Kountouras is the first user within Australia to employ the ModJaw 4D Dentistry technology. If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics and overall function of your smile or require treatment for complete oral rehabilitation, contact our friendly staff to schedule your consultation with Dr Dinos today.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment online 24/7.


Our ModJaw 4D equipment is featured in Dr. Dinos Kountouras’s Full Mouth Rehabilitation patient video on our YouTube channel.

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