Super Max and Bryce

Super Max and Bryce

Super Max and Bryce

August 2, 2021


This week is Dental Health Week and runs from August 2 until August 8. It is our favourite time of the year as we get the opportunity to highlight the importance of oral health.

However, this year we are doing things differently and helping to raise funds to create Superhero Smiles for a local non-for-profit charity organization, Super Max and Bryce. Instead stopping of at the end of the week, we are raising money for the whole of August and donating $1 for every patient we treat!

The funds will go towards helping young children in treatment for cancer by providing them with a special turtle night light to comfort them wherever they go. Dr Franck Page and the team love to be involved with the community and enjoy the positive impact they provide in and outside the practice.

We are calling on your support to help us raise money for the amazing charity Super Max & Bryce to share love, hope, happiness and comfort with children battling this devastating disease.

Super Max & Bryce

At Dental Implants & Aesthetics, we love creating and restoring the smiles of all our patients and making a positive change in their lives. Our work within the practice is something we enjoy and do not take for granted.

Beyond that, we are also deeply committed to giving back to the community and supporting those in need. Therefore, we are teaming up with Coastal Dental Care to help create Superhero Smiles with the non-for-profit charity organisation, Super Max & Bryce.

About Super Max and Bryce

Super Max & Bryce was created in 2016 by a young man named Bryce, who was nine years old at the time. Previously, Bryce witnessed his mother and family friend Max go through vigorous cancer treatments. Moreover, they endured multiple cancer surgeries which changed both of their families’ lives forever.

Bryce couldn’t imagine what it would be like for young children his age to go through the same thing. He decided to take action, investing his time and energy into starting Super Max & Bryce to raise funds to buy special night lights called ‘Super Max the Turtle’ for young children in treatment for cancer.

Super Max & Bryce

Super Max the Turtle Night Lights are special because the company that makes them, Cloud b, designed them with the help of children’s oncologists. As a result, they are specifically designed for children in treatment.

Furthermore, they can be fully sanitized to go with a child anywhere they go. This includes the most stringent of hospital environments like ICU and isolation wards (where their stuffies often can’t go because of germs).

Afraid of the dark himself at age nine, Bryce drew inspiration from this and has been doing everything to buy as many turtles as he can for young children in treatment. In his first year, Bryce managed to buy 244 night lights!

This act of generosity and kindness from Bryce is truly inspiring. With the help of his school, Bryce continues to raise money through activities such as fundraisers, donations and selling cupcakes. He has even travelled to all of the children’s oncology and haematology hospitals around Australia and New Zealand multiple times.

He has gifted thousands of sick children these special turtle night lights to comfort them during their treatments.

What is next for Bryce?

His goal today is to provide every child in Australia and New Zealand diagnosed with cancer with a Super Max the Turtle Night Light. To help him achieve that, we will donate $1 for every patient we treat in August. In addition, we are going to conduct other fundraising activities with our practice.

How can you help?

As well as donating $1 per patient for the whole of August, we will have a donation box set up at our reception desk. If you wish to donate, you can place any lose or spare change directly into the box.

If you do not have any change on you, there will be a QR code on the box which you can scan and donate online through the Super Max & Bryce website.

Dental Implants & Aesthetics and Super Max & Bryce

If you are looking to book in for an appointment or have been putting your treatment off, now is the time to come see us! Every dollar counts as we will be donating $1 for every patient we treat in August to Super Max & Bryce.

For more information about Super Max & Bryce you can visit their website to see Bryce’s journey and the lives he has positively impacted. If you’d like to know more about what we a doing to help, contact our friendly staff today!

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