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VOGUE Beauty Insider at Palazzo Versace

DIA invited to exclusive Vogue event

Dental Implants & Aesthetics was proud to participate in the VOGUE Beauty Insider. The event was held in Queensland at Palazzo Versace on July the 30th. Dr Page, Dr Chronopoulos and the team were selected as the top dental implants clinic in Queensland. They participated in a lecture, group patient consults and a trade area.

Dental Health Lecture by Dr Franck Page

Dental Implant Dentist Dr Franck PageDr Page’s lecture captivated the crowd as he explained how cosmetic dentistry was a thing of the past. He explained how top dentists are working towards aesthetic dentistry and natural results.

Following his speech, participants and doctors engaged in a form of “speed dating” consultation. During this, the experts moved around through groups of participants discussing the future of dentistry.

In addition, Dr Chronopoulos was invaluable during his round as participants asked many different questions relating to dental treatment. Furthermore, participants asked how they can achieve a natural look and improve their work.

Using iPads, the team showed attendees the benefits of digital smile design. Furthermore, they showcased how Dental Implants & Aesthetics uses the latest technology to enhance each patient’s experience. Digital smile design focuses on aesthetic and art which allows our patients to be the author of their own smile. By doing this, the patient will be in control of the look and feel of their mouth.

With careful consultation and advice from our dentists, each patient who uses digital smile design is able to generate their own smile. In addition, they are able to get a very close idea of what can be achieved with their smile ahead of time.

It was a very prestigious event and we were very proud to be involved. The day was a phenomenal success and we look forward to meeting all the new clients in the coming months.

Event Photos at Versace

You can view photos from the 2016 Vogue Beauty Insider Event by clicking the right and left arrows on the hero image at the top of this page.


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